In addition to digital content creation and speaking engagements, I have essays in the below anthologies. There may also be something bigger on the horizon - stay tuned!

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outside in makes it so

Celebrating 30 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Outside In Makes It So is a collection of 174 reviews, one for every story of the show, the four movies and a few bonus extras. Well, we say “reviews,” but we mean that loosely: within these pages, you’ll find scripts, recipes, a Monty Python sketch, a psych test, gossip columns, newspaper ads, a sitcom, a eulogy and a daily log from Riker’s beard, not to mention insightful and thoughtful articles examining Picard-era Star Trek from just about every angle imaginable…and then some!

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Somewhere beyonds the heavens: exploring battlestar galactica

Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica examines the entire mythos, both televised and published, from a wide range of viewpoints. This anthology
features insightful, analytical essays about the franchise’s long history, penned by popular comic historians, novelists, bloggers, and subject-matter experts. You say you want to know more about Battlestar Galactica? So say we all!

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Outtake from 2016 Entertainment Weekly photo shoot

Outtake from 2016 Entertainment Weekly photo shoot

a study on fandom and shipping

My essay in this anthology, featuring work from researchers and media professors across the country, focuses on The X-Files and how the unexpected chemistry between FBI agents Mulder and Scully spawned the term 'shipping' and led to an entirely new level of engagement in fandom. Reaching peak popularity in the mid-1990s, when the Internet became a fixture in everyday homes, The X-Files launched shipping and fandom as we know it today.  

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